(2024) OET Listening Part B – Test 4

Table of Contents


In this part of the test, you’ll hear six different extracts. In each extract, you’ll hear people talking in a different healthcare enviroment.

For questions 25-30 choose the answer A, B or C which fits best according to what you hear. You’ll have time to read each question
before you listen to the audio. Complete the answers as you listen the audio.

Now look at Question 25.

25. You hear two nurses about a plan for a citywide drive.
What is the female nurse in charge of doing?

A. Contacting businesses about the drive
B. Checking inventory on test needles
C.Preparing a Powerpoint presentation

26. You hear a conversation between a pharmacist and her-worker.
What seem to be the topic of the conversation?

A. Kate’s absence from work
B. An Elizabethan collar
C. Another worker’s absence from work

27. You attend a team briefing where overall performance is being
highlighted? What is HR going to do about increased absence?

A. Fire persons
B. On Speak to those that are absent the most
C. Change the way sick days are give

28. You hear a a conversation between two nurses.
What does the female nurse have to do before midnight?

A. Disconnect patient’s saline drip
B. Top up patient’s insulin
C. Disconnect patient’s saline drip and conduct tests

29. You hear a morning briefing.
What seems to be the problem?

A. Hospital too small
B. Splitting the teams in halves
C. Backup in discharge paperwork

30. You hear a conversation between two nurses.
What vaccination are they enquiring about?

A. H1N1
B. Influenza
C. Tetanus



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