(2024) OET Listening Part B – Test 5

Table of Contents

In this part of the test, you’ll hear six different extracts. In each extract, you’ll hear people talking in a different healthcare enviroment.

For questions 25 to 30 choose the answer A, B or C which fits best according to what you hear. You’ll have time to read each question before you listen to the audio. Complete the answers as you listen the audio.

Now look at Question 25.

25. You hear two doctors discussing the topic of keeping the immune system under control. Which of the following statements best suits this extract?

A. Drugs used for autoimmune diseases blocks the energy pathway to deactivate the disease
B. Energy pathways are feasible targets to treat certain diseasea that involve dietary measures
C. Diets are goign to play a prominent role in disease management

26. You hear physicians discussing the topic of coping with a peanut allergy. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. Children with eczema should not ingest peanuts.
B. Children with eczema should eat peanuts at an early stage.
C. Parents should avoid feeding every kind of food that can cause an allergic reaction to their children

27. You hear the discussion between physicians on the importance of food challenge. Which of the following statements best suits this extract?

A. Food challenge test becomes inevitable with patients with food allergies
B. Food allergy tests are an alternative to the food challenge test
C. Food allergy tests carry lots of false positives

28. You hear a discussion between doctors on fake Stop the Bleed kits. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. Counterfeit tourniquets would probably cost between 25 to 35 dollars.
B. Genuine tourniquets range from 25 to 35 dollars.
C. One should not buy Stop the Bleed kits for a cost lesser than 25 dollars.

29. You hear a physician explaining to his nurse about causes of obesity. Which of the following is the main cause for obesity?

A. The interaction between genes and the bacteria in our guts
B. The interaction between the diet we eat, our genes, and our bacteria in our body.
C. Genes colonized with bacteria that produce more nutrients for the host.

30. You hear a physician briefing staff about the Herpes virus infection. Which of the following is not a symptom of the Herpes virus infection.

A. Tingling
B. Bleeding
C. Swollen lymph nodes


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