(2024) OET Listening Part B – Test 1

Table of Contents


In this part of the test, you’ll hear six different extracts. In each extract, you’ll hear people talking in a different healthcare setting.

For questions 25-30, choose the answer (A, B or C) which fits best according to what you hear. You’ll have time to read each question before you listen. Complete your answers as you listen.

Now look at question 25.

25. You hear a nurse briefing her colleague about a patient.

What does she warn her colleague about?

A. The patient may later need additional assistant in breathing

B. The patient may have something more than community-acquired pneumonia

C. The patient may have been put on the wrong medication since test results are not out

26. You hear a ward leader talking to the nursing staff.

He says that not reporting errors make?

A. Efforts to study errors more difficult

B. Efforts to identify errors less voluntary

C. Efforts to to reduce errors less effective

27. You hear part of morning briefing on a hospital ward.

What is the plan for the patient today?

A. Her diagnosis is still waiting to be confirmed

B. She will be transferred to a less specialised unit

C. A social worker will come to talk with her family

28. You hear part of a post-surgery follow-up at a GP practice.

What does the patient want to know about?

A. The cause of the pain in his belly

B. The time period before resuming activity

C. The reason he still needs to be talking it slow

29. You hear a trainee doctor telling his supervisor about a problem he had with patient.

The trainnee feels that the cause of the problem was

A. The patient’s negative reaction to the procedure

B. A lack of familiarity with the procedure being done

C. The amount of treatment the patient has received

30. You hear a doctor talking to an athlete with a painful arm.

What is the patient concerned about?

A. The pain getting worse if he doesn’t warm up

B. The pain not caused by a triggering event

C. The pain interfering with his bowling


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