(2024) OET Listening Part B – Test 3

Table of Contents


In this part of the test, you’ll hear six different extracts. In each extract, you’ll hear people talking in a different healthcare setting.

For questions 25-30, choose the answer (A, B or C) which fits best according to what you hear. You’ll have time to read each question before you listen. Complete your answers as you listen.

Now look at question 25.

25. You hear a nurse in the obstetrics department talking to the obstetrician.

She is worried because the patient

A. is until unaware of her pregnancy.

B. has reacted badly to news of her pregnancy.

C. says she may want to terminate her pregnancy.

26. You hear a senior doctor giving a group of medical students training in how to conduct a physical examination.

He says that during the examination of a patients shoulder, the doctor should

A. keep an open mind about what problems there might be.

B. perform specific test suggested by the history.

C. be ready to help the patient remove any clothing.

27. You hear a GP talking to patient about her mother.

What is he seeking advice about?

A. How to deal with his mothers emotional state.

B. How quickly a condition is likely to develop.

C. Who to refer for practical assistance.

28. You hear two nurses dicussing a patients care plan.

Before she can be discharged, the patient needs

A. to demonstrate that she is sufficiently mobile.

B. some help to come to terms with her condition.

C. guidance is how to self-administer some medication.

29. You hear a surgeon briefing a team about an upcoming operation.

What is her concerned about regarding the post-operative peiod

A. When medication will be administered.

B. How soon the patient will resume smoking.

C. Whether the patients pain will be managed effectively.

30. You hear a dentist talking to a patient.

What is the patient doing?

A. Complaining about his last appointment.

B. Asking for some remedial work to be carried out.

C. Enquiring about a possible further course of treatment.


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